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Zero-to-Hero SEO-Optimization for Startups

Tap into organic search intent, rank without backlinks, and grow.

Hi, I’m Adriana and I

As Seen In

The New York Times
Fast Company

Through my methods I’ve…

🚀 Exponentially grown blog traffic from 103 annual unique visitors to 241,000 annual unique visitors in 12-months with just two articles per month and no backlinking,

241,000 Annual New Unique Visitors with Only Two Blog Posts Per Month

📈 Ranked #1 on Google with zero backlink outreach, and

Rank #1 with no Backlink Outreach
💡 Generated tens of millions of dollars in brand awareness “ads” and built SEO domain authority via earned media placements.

Hi, I’m Adriana

Adriana Herrera

👩🏻 I am:

  • An experienced high-growth startup operator with operational and technical capabilities,
  • A former columnist for The New York Times,
  • An alumna of a top tech accelerator in the United States, Mucker Capital, and
  • Freelance content strategist with proven SEO, editorial, PR, and customer acquisition experience.

👩🏻‍💻 What I do​

I implement data-driven strategies to train the Google algorithm to view your domain as a go-to resource in your niche. I turn your company blog into a sustainable customer acquisition channel that touches on each point of the customer journey.

🤝 Who I help​

I work with startups that worry about scaling targeted customer acquisition with a small marketing budget.

I work with startups that have brand-new domains, startups that want to build a targeted audience ahead of a product launch, startups that want to manufacture organic growth to support fundraising, and businesses with poor performing blogs that want to rank and grow sustainable organic traffic.

💡 What I’ve learned​

To WIN in SERP you have to give site visitors what they want. I fuse together customer wants with data, a great user experience, and proven Zero-to-Hero SEO strategies to implement content marketing plans that sustainably grow traffic.

🎯 My Approach to Train the Google Algorithm, Rank Content, and Grow Traffic


Conduct an SEO Site Audit

To ensure your domain checks the boxes for SEO best practices.


Conduct Zero-to-Hero Keyword Research

To identify rankable keywords that touch on various points of the customer journey.


Publish a Calendar of Zero-to-Hero SEO-Optimized Content

To train the Google Algorithm to associate your domain as a go-to resource for specific topics.


Measure and Iterate

To generate the best results and maintain rankings.

🏆 Zero-to-Hero Keyword Research

Too many startups waste time, money, and effort on the wrong strategies.

My Zero-to-Hero keyword research strategy targets the right keywords, formulates helpful content that ranks, and grows organic traffic.

Zero-to-Hero Keyword Research (Powerful Results)
🌟 Zero-to-Hero SEO-Optimized Content Example #1 on Google, 11.4% CTR

I can develop Zero-to-Hero SEO-optimized content that ranks for any niche. Below is an example of an Zero-to-Hero SEO-optimized article I created for the competitive job coaching niche. The keyword research, content creation, blog post UX, asset creation, schemas, and Zero-to-Hero SERP optimization were all completed by yours truly.

Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review
Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review (Results)
  • Content: To view the content click here
  • Keyword: Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review, CPC $2.40
  • Google monthly search volume: 500
  • Average CTR: 11.4% (the article’s SERP ranking outranks legacy tech companies, .gov, and .edu URLs which is very hard to do for a new domain)
  • Clicks generated from 11/01/2022 – 11/30/2022: 9,478 (significantly more than Google’s search volume for the keyword due to ranking for H1, H2, and H3 keywords)
  • If clicks were paid for monthly the cost would be: $22,747.20
  • If clicks were paid for annually the cost would be: $272,966.40


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