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“Adriana was great to work with. She delivered on everything and more! Her experience resulted in the identification of 1,747 Zero-to-Hero keywords and 222 Zero-to-Hero evergreen keywords as well as the development of content pillars and outlines to target 34 million monthly searches. Additionally, she provided strategic operational insights that helped to accelerate our success. I would definitely recommend Adriana and work with her again.”

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“Adriana is a top notch SEO and I highly recommend hiring her. She was professional and organized throughout the entire project. Her reliability and quality of work made it really easy to work with her.”

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Outbound leads such as advertising have an average of 1.7% conversion rate. SEO leads have an average 14.6% close rate. How much revenue are you losing not focusing on the right keywords?
Source: Search Engine Journal

🔑 What are Zero-to-Hero SEO Optimized Keywords?

Too many startups and businesses waste time, money, and effort on the wrong strategies.

My Zero-to-Hero keyword research strategy targets the right keywords, formulates helpful content that ranks, and grows organic traffic.

Zero-to-Hero Keyword Research (Powerful Results)

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized keywords are keywords that your potential customers search for on Google and that are easily “rankable.” Each Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized keyword is formulaically identified using a number of metrics and behavioral psychology.

Every Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized keyword strategically falls at a different stage within your customer journey:

  • Informational/top of the funnel (TOFU),
  • Decision-making/middle of the funnel (MOFU), or
  • Transactional/bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

When Zero-to-Hero keywords are used to created original helpful content that matches search intent the content will rank and generate sustainable organic traffic overtime.

🏆 Using Zero-to-Hero Keywords I’ve…

🚀 Exponentially grown blog traffic from 103 annual unique visitors to 241,000 annual unique visitors in 12-months with just two articles per month and no backlinking, and

241,000 Annual New Unique Visitors with Only Two Blog Posts Per Month

📈 Ranked #1 on Google with zero backlink outreach.

Rank #1 with no Backlink Outreach
🌟 I’ve also used PR and guest posting to enhance results…
💡 Generating tens of millions of dollars in brand awareness “ads” and strengthening SEO domain authority via earned media placements.

The average B2B blog post costs $1,959.00 to create. Can you really afford to pick the wrong keyword?

Source: PathFactory

🥇 Zero-to-Hero Keyword Content Example, #1 on Google, 11.4% CTR

Below is an example of an article targeting a Zero-to-Hero Keyword for the competitive job coaching niche.

When paired with value-add original content, a great blog post UX, and original assets an article targeting a Zero-to-Hero Keyword ranks and generates sustainable organic leads!

Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review
Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review (Results)
  • Content: To view the content click here
  • Keyword: Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review, CPC $2.40
  • Google monthly search volume: 500
  • Average CTR: 11.4% (the article’s SERP ranking outranks legacy tech companies, .gov, and .edu URLs which is very hard to do for a new domain)
  • Clicks generated from 11/01/2022 – 11/30/2022: 9,478 (significantly more than Google’s search volume for the keyword due to ranking for H1, H2, and H3 Zero-to-Hero keywords)
  • If clicks were paid for monthly the cost would be: $22,747.20
  • If clicks were paid for annually the cost would be: $272,966.40


5 Reasons Clients Are Successful and Rank for Their Zero-to-Hero Keywords


Dedicated to the Process

They build on their efforts and don’t try to take short cuts. They make sure to have the right SEO fundamentals in place and use Zero-to-Hero Keywords to create original value-add content.


Masters of Action

They take immediate action and are consistent. Once they get an editorial calendar of keywords and/or content outlines they put in the work to build a workflow to consistently publish timely high quality content.


The Hero of Their Own Story

They know that their success is in their hands. They take complete ownership in defining their goals, recognizing their weaknesses and overcoming obstacles, and using the Zero-to-Hero keywords, tactics, and strategies to help them achieve their goals.


Dedicated to Learning

There is no room for ego in the journey to ranking on the first page of Google. In order to be competitive and get the best results, they are open to learn best practices, accept feedback, they trust the process, and trust the guidance shared with them.


Hungry for Growth

They love hitting goals but are never satisfied. Once they reach a goal they are already looking ahead to what’s next. Their sights are always set on the next level.
👋🏼 Hi, I’m Adriana
Adriana Herrera

👩🏻 I am:

  • A former columnist for The New York Times,
  • An experienced high-growth startup operator with operational and technical capabilities,
  • An alumna of a top tech accelerator in the United States, Mucker Capital, and
  • A freelance content strategist with proven SEO, editorial, PR, and customer acquisition experience.

👩🏻‍💻 What I do​

I use my Zero-to-Hero formula and Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization strategies to help you tap into organic search intent, sustainably grow organic traffic, and grow organic customer leads.

 Get Keywords That Will Send You Customers!

There’s a lot of growth hacking, backlinking, and AI strategy “advice” out there that will actually keep you from ranking on Google and generating sustainable organic customer leads.

Bypass the noise and get free Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized Keywords today! See how Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized Keywords can help you grow your business.