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“Adriana was great to work with. She delivered on everything and more! Her experience resulted in the identification of 1,747 Zero-to-Hero keywords and 222 Zero-to-Hero evergreen keywords as well as the development of content pillars and outlines to target 34 million monthly searches. Additionally, she provided strategic operational insights that helped to accelerate our success. I would definitely recommend Adriana and work with her again.”

Andre Harakas

Founder & CEO, All In, SaaS Sports Tech

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Adriana is a top notch SEO and I highly recommend hiring her. She was professional and organized throughout the entire project. Her reliability and quality of work made it really easy to work with her.”

Jeffrey Jensen

Director of Growth Marketing, Message Lab, Content Marketing Agency

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Adriana is a legit superstar. You can’t go wrong if you hire Adriana.”

Sam Anderson

Content Director, Jointly, B2C Tech Startup

Outbound leads such as advertising have an average of 1.7% conversion rate. SEO leads have an average 14.6% close rate. How much revenue are you losing not implementing a custom and comprehensive SEO plan?

Source: Search Engine Journal
How it Works


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🏆 My SEO results…
⬆️ I’ve exponentially grown blog traffic from 103 annual unique visitors to 241,000 annual unique visitors in 12-months with just two articles per month and no backlinking, and
241,000 Annual New Unique Visitors with Only Two Blog Posts Per Month

📈 Ranked #1 on Google with zero backlink outreach.

Rank #1 with no Backlink Outreach
🌟 I’ve also used PR and guest posting to enhance results…
💡 I’ve generated tens of millions of dollars in brand awareness “ads” that strengthen SEO domain authority and the ranking of targeted content via earned media placements that include backlinks.
The click-through rates for the top three organic search placements on Google are 39.8%, 18.7%, and 10.2%. How many customers are you losing not optimizing for keywords your customers search for?

Source: Google

🏆 My Approach to Pay for Performance SEO

I’ve developed a proprietary SEO process that I like to call Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization.

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization grows your qualified organic traffic by targeting keywords that your potential customers search for and that are “rankable.”

Zero-to-Hero Keyword Research (Powerful Results)

Every Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized keyword strategically falls at a different stage within your customer journey:

  • Informational/top of the funnel (TOFU),
  • Decision-making/middle of the funnel (MOFU), or
  • Transactional/bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

My pay for performance SEO approach trains the Google algorithm and drives organic traffic growth by focusing on rankable Zero-to-Hero keywords that target each stage of the customer journey.

My approach sends you qualified organic traffic looking for what you offer while building your brand awareness and thought-leadership.

To get results, I only use White Hat SEO strategies and ensure your website has:

  • SEO fundamentals in place,
  • UX optimized blog pages,
  • A 12-month editorial calendar of amazing “helpful” content that Google ranks,
  • Backlinks from credible websites, and
  • A system in place to measure progress.
🚀 Results Timeline (Qualified Traffic Only)

If we work together below is a timeline of what you can expect:

Week 1 – 2:

I perform a fundamental SEO audit and collaborate with your team to fix SEO issues and implement a site architecture that is optimized for crawling and indexing.

Week 3 – 4:

I perform an SEO competitive analysis on your top three competitors. I use ideas from your team and my competitive analysis to identify Zero-to-Hero Keywords and build a custom and comprehensive SEO plan, including an SEO-optimized content calendar.

Week 5:

I work with your team to develop blog pages that are optimized for user engagement, a low bounce rate, and a positive user experience (UX). I also work with your team to establish a workflow with dual-sided accountability to input and publish blog posts as well as generate reports.

Week 6:

I collaborate with your team to implement a system to transparently measure and attribute new organic monthly visitors from SEO. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console are put in place.

Week 7:

Original, well-researched, Zero-to-Hero SEO-optimized content begins to be published and submitted to Google for indexing. All articles published are based on the established 12-month content calendar and predetermined workflow.

Week 8:

Billing begins and is conducted on a seven-day cycle, Sunday – Saturday. To ensure a mutual exchange of value, billing based on performance, and timely payments all billing is handled through Upwork. Every billing cycle includes a report to understand how content is ranking and sending new visitors to your website.

Week 10+:

As needed I will garner backlinks to boost domain authority and the ranking of published content. Backlinks may include pitching tier 1 media outlets for stories about your company (to build domain authority), pitching guest posts to place semantic backlinks to published content (to boost ranking), as well as outreach to credible websites for backlinks in existing published content. I will also consistently measure results and optimize published content.

Content that ranks on the first page of Google has an average of 1,447 words and more than 50% target a longtail keyword phrase made up of over four words. This means people know what they are looking for and Google ranks “helpful” content. Can you afford not to publish high-quality content?

Sources: Search South and ThriveMyWay

🥇 Zero-to-Hero Content Example, Average CTR 11.4%

Below is an example of an article targeting a Zero-to-Hero Keyword for the competitive job coaching niche.

When paired with value-add original content, a great blog post UX, and original assets an article targeting a Zero-to-Hero Keyword ranks and generates sustainable organic leads!

Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review
Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review (Results)
  • Content: To view the content click here
  • Keyword: Sample List of Accomplishments for Performance Review
  • Google monthly search volume: 500
  • Average CTR: 11.4% (the article’s SERP ranking outranks legacy tech companies, .gov, and .edu URLs which is very hard to do for a new domain)
  • Clicks generated from 11/01 – 11/30: 9,478 (significantly more than Google’s search volume for the keyword due to ranking for H1, H2, and H3 Zero-to-Hero keywords)


👍🏼 6 Reasons My Clients Are Successful with Pay for Performance SEO


Dedicated to Transparency and Communication

They know that top rankings are hinged on the development of a custom and comprehensive SEO plan. The success of this plan is rooted in transparency regarding the company’s offerings, goals, previous SEO attempts, etc. They transparently communicate information in order to support their own success.


Dedicated to the Process

They know it takes time to build on SEO efforts and not take shortcuts. They make sure to work with me, when needed, to successfully implement every part of their custom and comprehensive SEO plan.


Masters of Action

They are collaborative, responsive, take immediate action when needed, and are consistent in their support. They know success is organized and metrics driven. They work with me to build workflows to execute their SEO plan and publish timely on-page and off-page high-quality content.

Hungry for Growth

They love hitting goals but are never satisfied. Once we reach a goal they are already looking ahead to what’s next. Their sights are always set on the next level.


Reward Results

They recognize the monetary value of growing organic traffic, brand awareness, and thought-leadership. They honor the terms of our working relationship and pay their invoices on time.


The Hero of Their Own Story

They are ready to leverage organic traffic growth and have a team dedicated to convert new qualified traffic into customers. They take complete ownership over converting organic traffic that visits their website from search engine result placements (SERP).

👋🏼 Hi, I’m Adriana
Adriana Herrera

👩🏻 I am:

  • A former columnist for The New York Times,
  • An experienced high-growth startup operator with operational and technical capabilities,
  • An alumna of a top tech accelerator in the United States, Mucker Capital, and
  • A freelance content strategist with proven SEO, editorial, PR, and customer acquisition experience.

👩🏻‍💻 What I do​

I use my Zero-to-Hero formula and Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization strategies to help you tap into organic search intent, sustainably grow organic traffic, and grow qualified organic customer traffic.

🤩 Too good to pass up, right? Start growing organic qualified traffic now.