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What is Zero-to-Hero SEO Optimization?

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization is the identification and strategic targeting of “rankable” keywords that your potential customers search for on Google. Each Zero-to-Hero keyword is thoughtfully selected based on rankability and where it falls within your customer journey:

  • Informational/top of the funnel (TOFU),
  • Decision-making/middle of the funnel (MOFU), or
  • Transactional/bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization grows sustainable organic traffic overtime by training the Google Algorithm to view your domain as a go-to resource for topics related to its offerings.

Can I use Zero-to-Hero Keywords if I’m not a good writer?

Yes, you can use Zero-to-Hero Keywords if you are not a good writer. To help you easily write value-add content that ranks I can create “fill-in-the-blank” content outlines and/or coach you on how-to use third-party writing tools to create quality content.

I have an SEO/content agency. Can I use Zero-to-Hero Keywords with my clients?

I love to work with SEO and content agencies! I have worked with agencies in the past and the working relationships have been a fruitful. Send me a message and let’s collaborate.

What types of companies do you work with?

Zero-to-Hero keywords can be used by any company. The companies that benefit most are new domains, domains that are in industries with high CPCs, and teams that have been blogging but aren’t seeing the growth in organic traffic that they desire.

What is your pricing?

Each Zero-to-Hero Keyword costs $86.85.

Due to the time required to identify Zero-to-Hero Keywords specific to your domain a minimum of 16 Zero-to-Hero Keywords per month is required.

Pricing for the creation of Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized fill-in-the-blank “Madlib” content outlines your team can use to write 1,500 word blog posts within an hour and services such as PR or securing guest posts is dependent on the scope of work.

Looking at these results, you might notice that your competitor ranks high for certain keywords you had not previously considered. This discovery provides you with new keyword opportunities to explore and include in your own SEO strategy.

For more step-by-step examples of how to find competitors keywords click an option below:

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

All Zero-to-Hero keywords are guaranteed to generate organic traffic. If you do not boost organic traffic and you can show that you have implemented all recommended tactics and strategies then you will be provided a refund.

Refunds are not provided if your site has technical SEO issues that have not been fixed as they hinder your domain’s ability to rank for Zero-to-Hero keywords.

Refunds are not provided if Zero-to-Hero keywords are not used to publish content within 45 days of keyword delivery. This is due to an ever changing SEO landscape. Zero-to-Hero keywords are timely opportunities to take advantage of search intent your site can rank for. If you delay publishing content that targets a Zero-to-Hero keyword search dynamics may change resulting in a keyword being harder to rank for because the landscape has become more competitive.

How can I contact you?

To get in touch please use the contact form found on the Contact page:

How can I partner with you?

I always welcome inquiries to collaborate. To submit information on your partnership idea please use the contact form found on the Contact page:

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