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What is Zero-to-Hero SEO Optimization?

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization is the identification and strategic targeting of “rankable” keywords that your potential customers search for on Google. Each Zero-to-Hero keyword is thoughtfully selected based on rankability and where it falls within your customer journey:

  • Informational/top of the funnel (TOFU),
  • Decision-making/middle of the funnel (MOFU), or
  • Transactional/bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization grows sustainable organic traffic overtime by training the Google Algorithm to view your domain as a go-to resource for topics related to its offerings.

I have an SEO/content agency. Can I use apply for pay for performance SEO for my clients?

I love to work with SEO and content agencies! I have worked with agencies in the past and the working relationships have been a fruitful.

While I don’t do pay for performance SEO for the clients of agencies I do provide agencies with Zero-to-Hero content calendars, Zero-to-Hero keywords, Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized content outlines, and Zero-to-Hero SEO optimized articles. 

Send me a message and let’s collaborate.

What types of companies do you work with?

Pay for performance SEO and Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization can be used by any company.

The companies that benefit most are new domains, underperforming domains, and domains that are in industries with high cost-per-leads (CPLs).

Below are companies in industries with high CPLs that can benefit most from pay for performance SEO:

Industry Average CPL (Blended from Paid CPL and Organic CPL)
Higher Education $982.00
Financial Services $653.00
Legal Services $649.00
Oil & Gas $637.00
Software Development $591.00
Transportation & Logistics $588.00
Manufacturing $553.00
IT & Managed Services $503.00
Industrial IOT $497.00
Staffing & Recruiting $497.00
Fintech $452.00
Real Estate $448.00
Business Insurance $424.00
Cybersecurity $406.00
PCB Design & Manufacturing $376.00
Aerospace & Aviation $373.00
Healthcare $361.00
Addiction Treatment $297.00
Engineering $287.00
Automotive $283.00
Environmental Services $278.00
Hotels & Resorts $266.00
Biotech $255.00
B2B SaaS $237.00
Construction $227.00
Solar $206.00
Pharmaceutical $131.00
Entertainment $114.00
HVAC $92.00
eCommerce $91.00


What is the typical engagement timeline?

Given that SEO optimization is highly nuanced, it can take time to see great results (depending on challenges that may need to be solved for), and my business model is pay for performance the typical client engagement is 24 months.

What is your pricing?

The cost for pay for performance SEO is determined based on the clients needs and its custom/comprehensive SEO plan.

Due to the time required to implement Zero-to-Hero SEO optimization a one-time set up fee is required. This fee will be refunded if goals are not hit within 12-months.

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

All Zero-to-Hero SEO is guaranteed to generate organic traffic within 12 months or the one-time set up fee is refunded. 

Set up fee refunds are not provided if your team hindered success by not responding in a timely manner, did not support SEO success, and/or made changes to the structure of the optimized website that undermined the  implemention of Zero-to-Hero SEO work. 

How can I contact you?

To get in touch please use the contact form found on the Contact page:

How can I partner with you?

I always welcome inquiries to collaborate. To submit information on your partnership idea please use the contact form found on the Contact page:

Still need help? Send a message!