We Use Public Relations to Grow Businesses

Discover how much more your public relations can do for your company!

We will write pitches, press releases, reach out to media, do media training, and apply other traditional public relations strategies. In addition, we will layer on our proprietary approach to public relations that uses technology and data to pull on the levers of a company’s most important business drivers (i.e. customer acquisition, customer activation, customer engagement, customer activation, and referrals from customers).

Our approach results in brand awareness, customer acquisition, the collection of useful data, product optimization, marketing optimization, and revenue growth. Are you getting all of this out of your current public relations? Contact us today for more information!

TapAloha’s approach to public relations fuses storytelling, technology, and data to help businesses:

  • Garner media placements
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Acquire customers
  • Discover valuable customer segments/ profiles
  • Optimize product
  • Increase customer conversions and lifetime value (LTV)
  • Make data actionable to support company decision making
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Use data to optimize all marketing strategies

Get More Out of Your Public Relations

It’s easy to see how our technology and data-driven approach to public relations stacks up against advertising and traditional public relations.


 Cost  Paid  Earned Earned
 What  Builds exposure  Builds trust Builds trust and builds quantifiable customer acquisition  funnel
 Audience  Audience is skeptical  Media gives third-party  validation Third-party validation and insights into what the audience segment is interested in, audience engagement rate, audience activation rate, audience lifetime value, and if the audience is valuable for company growth
 Placement  Guaranteed placement  No guaranteed  placement, must  persuade media No guaranteed placement but data generates a roadmap of what messaging and story placements are likely to be successful
 Messaging  Complete creative  control  Media controls final  version Media controls final version but media is provided, and appreciates, information that has been optimized for their audience
 Price  More expensive  Less expensive Less expensive and reduces long-
term customer acquisition costs (CAC) via the application of insights into marketing channels across the Web
 Call-to-Action  “Buy this product”  “This is important” “This is important” message is tailored for individual audience segments, 10% or more click- through-rate
 Referral Traffic  Minimal referral traffic  Spikes in traffic from  garnered media  placements Garnered media placements are used to manufacture hockey stick growth, the value of a customer from a unique URL is understood and used to make other customer acquisition decisions


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